Hospitality is not for the faint hearted!

Last week a customer said to me “hospitality is not for the faint hearted” to which I agreed.  The hospitality trade has been through tough times.  As a restauranteur, I don’t always subscribe that the customer is always right (owning to the fact we have been abused, stolen from, shouted at and often blamed for many of the resulting rules set by central government which we have supported and implemented whether we wholly understand or agree with them). 

I do believe that the role of team members in hospitality is changing, catapulted by the way that the pandemic that has and continues to re-shape our industry.

Customer expectations are transforming our industry and customers have a right to expect high standards. The pandemic is no reason to drop standards even if you have had to change your menu, opening hours and how you operate. At Coljan, we are very much focussing on consistency.  Consistency in our opening hours, consistency in our presentation and availability of our menu’s and ensuring that customers can believe and rely on what we offer especially our service.

There is a challenge in that staffing is a real issue, not just for us, but also in the industry as a whole.  This presents challenges for us of course it does, and we may struggle to get every element right, every time.  We are still very much training our staff, when ordinarily this would be done far earlier in the year.

We love what we do, and are excited to be open and trading even with the easing of restrictions. My only request to customers at present is to respect our staff in these ever changing and trying times. Please don’t judge us instantly if a mistake is made, but judge us on how we fix it, as we will always endeavour to ensure that your experience with us here at Coljan is the best we can provide.

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