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1 bottle of Enoz Primitivo and 1 bottle of Enoz Fiano.
Normal price £52 – special price £41.60 saving 20%.

About us

Coljan have partnered with Natural Growth Wine to bring about a comprehensive collection wholly based and supporting the natural wine making process. Natural wine refers to a generalised movement among winemakers for production of “natural” wine without pesticides, chemicals and other additives.

Believing that natural is best and everything should be nursed and grown without the need to force it through life, Coljan Natural Wine collection offers a selection of wines from around the world supporting this biological and biodynamic choice where one can experience the culture of wine through taste and senses.

This approach supports small farmers around the world including English vineyards who have spent their lives working their land to make wine. Believing in the “produce from their back garden” we offer a sumptuous taste and selection to enjoy at our table or yours. So come in and dine with us at Coljan or take a bottle to pour yourself a glass at home.

Championing small, independent winemakers, the hardy souls who put their love and life’s work into the bottle to deliver a unique and inspiring product.

Meet the producer

Producer: ENOZ

At the base of their work there is a long family tradition, made of tradition and love for the land.

Our Sommelier

Growing up in Italy Gennaro was lucky enough to grow up in a family that taught him how valuable the most simple produce is to everyone.

Working for many years in hospitality Gennaro developed a genuine interest for natural agriculture, from the hard work on the farms to the finished produce that reaches our tables daily; especially the wine.

Believing that what happens between human and soil is the most spontaneous relationship based on mutual respect and connecting and working with some very inspiring people throughout his career from whom he learned how enjoyable it is to pass your passion on to others.

Wine is not just an incredible produce but a spiritual emotion, that genuinely brings people together. Gennaro has a genuine passion wine.

Why not come in and experience his passion at Coljan for an exclusive wine tasting or simply to enjoy a bottle with friends alongside some amazing locally sourced food prepared by the Coljan Kitchen.