Meet the producer

Producer name: ENOZ

About Enoz

At the base of their work there is a long family tradition, made of tradition and love for the land. Enoz grow vines to produce healthy and natural wines through the exclusive use of indigenous yeasts and with low sulfur in respect of consumers. This is how they have decided to farm their territory and is part of their tradition.

Every day they strive with integrity and passion to offer products that are sustainable, and ooze quality from every glass. Their work is a source of pride which allows them to establish a frank and sincere relationship, just like our wines, with their customers.

The farm extends on the slopes of the extinct volcanic complex of Roccamonfina, in the territory of Sessa Aurunca in Campania and overlooks the Gulf of Gaeta.

The vineyards, conducted according to the rules of organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Enoz are certified organic with a CCPB certification body, while for biodynamic we are followed by AGRIBIO PIEMONTE.

Our territory

Enoz are in the territory of the Municipality of Sessa Aurunca in the heart of Campania Felix and in particular of the Ager Falernus that extended up to Capua. The land is located on the slopes of the complex extinct volcanic area of Roccamonfina.

The loose soils of volcanic origin are ideal for the vineyard that since ancient times has been cultivated here. These are the lands of Falerno, the most prized wine for the Romans.

The morphology of the territory allows for excellent climatic conditions with a good one thermal excursion between day and night which obviously positively
influences the quality of the grapes.

The proximity to the sea with its breezes is a further characteristic of the territory. The particular soil-microclimate relationship, in which the chestnut and the Mediterranean scrub are able to touch each other magically, a meeting point between sea and land, gives our wines unique and unmistakable characteristics. In these lands of volcanic origin at 280 meters above sea level, we have planted our vineyards of Primitivo, Aglianico, Piedirosso and Ciliegiolo for red wines and Fiano, Falanghina and Traminer Rosa for white wines.

We have chosen to vinify exclusively in amphora because we want our wines to mature in a “container” that could enhance the grapes leaving unchanged the aromas and scents. It is for Us a natural choice of respect for the environment because the amphora is eternal unlike wood. But it is also a return to the past, we are in the Terre del Falerno, the wine of the Roman Empire and in our territory were made the amphorae as evidenced by some finds of furnaces.

In the shop

Enoz Primitivo:
From Primitivo grapes is a medium body, the recalls of red fruits such as blackberries and raspberries, with nuances of elderberry flower. The Mouthfeel is slender, agile and decisive. great espression of the terroir, strong character from vulcanic soil.

Enoz Fiano:
White wine of good structure and consistency, the nose recall yellow fruit and flower of jasmine and acacia. In the mouth is fresh, agile but decisive, very gastronomic and versatile. It wants to be the spontaneous espression of the volcanic soil of Sessa Aurunca.