New menu

We have decided to bring forward the launch of our latest menu change. This change was originally meant for next week, but we decided it could no longer wait.

In light of the tougher times everyone is facing, we and our wonderful team have been putting our heads together to come up with a plan to move forward with our community and customers in mind.

Rather than raise our prices or source from less local suppliers we have chosen to cut our preparation times and alter the food that we use to supply you with a full menu which will still offer delicious, quality cuisine at an affordable price.

During the pandemic we needed to be adaptable and flexible to help meet the needs of our community , and we can do so again. In the coming weeks we will be coming up with ideas that can offer our faithful community solutions that mean that, in spite of current circumstances, they won’t miss out.

We, with the generosity of the community that support us, will come back stronger and more resilient than before…

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