Our ethos is very much to make within our kitchen as many of the elements which make up our dishes.

Coljan Cafe, Bar & Restaurant, look to source as much of our menus from within the county as possible.

We use local farms to offer farm-to-table supplies and source some amazing local fish from direct from Brixham.

We look carefully at the ingredients available and consider seasonality and sustainability in our choices. Due to this, on occasion we do sometimes have to source alternatives or provide some substitutes on our menu.


Our wine is carefully selected and whilst the majority of our wine comes from outside of the country, we are delighted to offer English wine from the Sharpham Estate in Devon.

Our lager, cider and ale’s are all sourced and brewed locally and are the perfect compliment to the menu provided.

In addition, over 8 of the gins in our gin offering are distilled within the county.

We pride ourselves on supporting the local economy and by visiting and supporting us, you are doing the same.