Wine tasting – 3rd February 2022

Thursday 3rd February 2022 from 7pm.

Coljan Natural Wine are holding a tasting evening, designed to showcase some of the best natural wines available. The evening is open to anyone to join in and wine will be served alongside some charcuterie and locally sourced cheeses and chutney. We will be showcasing new wines from an Italian grower.

Why not come in and experience our passion for all things natural at Coljan on Thursday 3rd February 2022, join in by yourself or with friends.


Last April, Coljan partnered with Natural Growth Wine to bring about a comprehensive collection wholly based and supporting the natural wine making process. Natural wine refers to a generalised movement among winemakers for production of “natural” wine without pesticides, chemicals and other additives.

Hosted by Gennaro, working for many years in hospitality Gennaro developed a genuine interest for natural agriculture, from the hard work on the farms to the finished produce that reaches our tables daily; especially the wine.

Believing that what happens between human and soil is the most spontaneous relationship based on mutual respect and connecting and working with some very inspiring people throughout his career from whom he learned how enjoyable it is to pass your passion on to others.

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